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Some highlights from the vent doodles of the past few weeks.

Posted 3 days ago

Trying out some new ways to do color stuff quickly.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Sketchbook pro in bed is the best for weird early morning warmup stuff. Staring a potato angel monster thing, I don’t know.

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Migraine draws

Posted 1 month ago

Cyclops girl and a 3ds, or something like that.

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Hey everyone, exciting news if you like monster girls, and I know we do! Monster Girlfriends is now live! We are a collective of 10 artists, and our first project Monster Girlfriends is a compilation of 11 wallpapers for your enjoyment!

Everyone involved has done a fantastic job, and should you choose to support us, we are offering you our heartfelt thanks and a fabulous looking desktop.

You can buy it via PayPal for just $1 or more! <

All wallpapers are have a resolution of 1920x1200, and are provided as .png files in a single .zip file!

Contributing Artists:

Hey guys, I did a wallpaper for this! That’s my doofy little slime girl up there actually, second from the right. It was great being included in this with so many awesome artists. 

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Hey send me some of these, and I’ll work on them as soon as Wacom sends me attempt #3 at a working tablet.

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Here&#8217;s a little teaser of something that I can probably post soon!

Here’s a little teaser of something that I can probably post soon!

Posted 2 months ago

All of you who stuck with this tumblr through that long hiatus are the best. There’s gonna be some new stuff coming up this weekend! 

Posted 3 months ago

Dumb little doodle of a vacation gorgon with derpy looking snakes for hair for some reason, I don’t know!